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European: Silvermoon (PvE)
Evening and hello all
Building a new computer might see me online at some point guys :D god luck hunting!!
Hmm.. Awesome signups tonight! :p
congrats on the kills guys, Anathema still going strong :D Fatty
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Welcome , Anathema is one of the oldest guild in Silvermoon, transfered from Terenas in 2008,we are a mature guild of semi hard core players, our aim is to have fun drama free content clearing while maintaining an active real life.

*Recruiting for 25/20man raids, current focus in on 10man Hc progress, once we have enough for a second 10man group and eventually 25man raid we will make the switch patience will be required, apply on forums
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Content Clear, LFM 20man raiding !!

Perihoof, Aug 21, 14 4:16 PM.
After some wipes (quite a lot) and getting all the raiders online we finally got a kill and a clean one !!
Gratz all and great job

Anathema 13/14 Hc

Perihoof, Jun 9, 14 2:09 PM.
Was not that hard, only one boss left to kill !!

Anathema 12/14 Hc

Perihoof, May 1, 14 3:08 PM.
Never Give up !! after changing strategy 3 times until finding what fits us and 600 wipes in total (mehhh us) the lamer is down, toooo long, Big thanks for Dox for making us go back to our Origial startegy that go us the kill and Gratz everyone for a great kill and for not giving up !!

Anathema 11/14 Heroic

Perihoof, Jan 25, 14 6:03 AM.
After our 11% wipe last reset we were quite disappointed we did not get the kill before the Nurf, when we got the Thok this week the fight was still challenging but over all an easy kill, with no match to our DPS/HPS.

Anathema 10/14 Hc

Perihoof, Dec 29, 13 6:28 AM.
2 more Hc bosses down, moving forward nice and steady with HC progression while keeping an eye forward to myth raiding and expanding to a 20man roster, click the apply button if you think you can be a part of our team
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